Fly Tyers Roundtable

Beginners Fly Tying and Fly Tyers Roundtable
The monthly fly tying is held at Trinity United Methodist Church (room 109) at 703 West Patrick Street in Frederick. (For access to the church turn left off West Patrick Street onto Kline Blvd. and immediately turn left into the church entrance. Enter the church building at the rear entrance. Directions to room 109 will be posted at the church entrance). Time - 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM.

February ?? Beginners Fly Tying
TBD As always there is no cost for attendance, all materials will be supplied and equipment will be available for those wishing to tie.

Damsel Fly

February 15 Roundtable

Join for the first Roundtable of the new year and learn variations of the cicada pattern courtesy of Tommy Marks.

Paul Gerlach will be our guest tier for our upcoming roundtable. This will be a different approach to the evening in that Paul will have us tying 2 flies. The elk hair Caddis and a pheasant tail nymph, which are 2 very popular spring flies for most trout fishers, will be the flies for the evening.

The second part of the evening will feature Don Fine talking about using these flies tied together as a dropper. Those who are familiar with droppers know how successful it can be to fish 2 layers of water at the same time. Don will show us how to tie the dropper on and how to fish this combination in different waters. Join us on the 18th and see just how versatile this pattern is and how easy it is to tie.

Foam Frog

Foam Frog

If you are new to tying please join us early for a review of basic tying techniques, after which the group as a whole will tie one or more of the selected terrestrial patterns. The tying session will be held on Wednesday, July 20th at 7:00 PM in room 109 at Trinity United Methodist Church, West Patrick Street, Frederick. Join us and explore this interesting part of fly fishing.

As always, there is no cost for attendance at either fly tying session. Equipment is provided for those who wish to tie and don't have their own basic fly tying hardware.

Trinity U.M. Church 703 W. Patrick Street Frederick, MD 7 PM - Room 109

Please contact Jon Thames (301-788-2482) if you have questions or need additional information.

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